Top Causes of Roof Damage

Top Causes of Roof DamageThe roof plays an integral role in not only keeping the elements out of a structure, but also holding its walls up. A healthy roof will generally last for decades, depending on the types of materials used, as long as it is well taken care of. If roof damage goes unchecked it is bound to cause a bevy of other issues, such as interior leaks and even foundation problems. If you ever suspect roofing problems be sure to contact your roofer as soon as possible. But how does roofing become damaged?

Walking on the Roof

Most roofing materials aren't made to withstand heavy weight. Walking across shingles, tiles or slate can cause them to crack, shift or break if you are not extremely careful. Avoid walking on your roof if at all possible.


Weather can cause all types of damage to your roof. Heavy rains can overflow gutters and cause water to seep into the roof deck, causing wood to rot. Downpours may also drive rain to separate shingles. Lightning is even a risk factor for roofing, particularly around roof penetrations. Wind and hail are common causes of damage on their own.

  • Hail Damage - Hailstorms can often result in dented or cracked roofing materials. Large hailstones even cause holes in the roof. It is important to let a professional roofing company give your roof a proper inspection after a hailstorm to ensure it is free of damage.
  • Wind Damage - High winds are dangerous for roofing. While wind itself can dislocate roofing material, the wind can also drive rain under shingles or carry heavy debris that can strike and damage the roof.


All roofs have a suggested lifetime. As your roof nears the end of its life it may suffer from cracked, loose or broken material, resulting in leaks. It is a smart idea to have your roof replaced before the roof gets to the end of its life.

Roofing is made to be durable, but in general, it isn't invincible. If you suspect that your home or commercial space has suffered roof damage be sure to call a licensed roofing company. When it is time for repair in Denver or the neighboring towns reach out to Twin Peaks Roofing. Since 2009 we've been providing expert roofing services for residential and commercial properties. To request an estimate from a professional Denver roofer give us a call at (720) 961-2851 today.