Expert Roof Repairs & Installation in Aurora, CO

Expert Roof Repairs & Installation in Aurora, COIf a problem arises with your home's roofing, the important thing is to address it quickly so that you don't risk significant property damage. When selecting a roofer to do the work, you'll want to make sure you entrust your home to a company that has a track record of providing top-notch repairs at reasonable rates. Here's a look at six services provided by an expert roofing contractor in Aurora, CO.

New Roof Installation

For both brand new homes and fixer-uppers, it's important to choose a roofer who knows the steps it takes to finish the entire project within time and budget constraints.

Wide Variety of Roofing Materials

From asphalt to tile, a reputable roofer will offer an assortment of options so that a variety of tastes can be satisfied.

Roof Leak Repair in Aurora, CO

Roof leaks can result from various issues, including damaged shingles and underperforming gutters. When you very first notice a leak, you'll want to call in a roofer who can nip the problem in the bud.

Roof Reseals

To help extend your roof's life, resealing is a good option.

Roofing Wind Damage Repair

Strong winds can actually tear the shingles right off your roof and send them flying away. Big gusts can also cause tree limbs to come crashing down on your roof, with serious damage resulting.

Roofing Hail Repair

Hail can potentially crack tile roofing, which could result in water seeping inside. After a strong hail storm, it could be worthwhile to have a roofer come over and inspect for damage.

If you're in need of a roofer, be sure to get in touch with a reputable contractor. For a roofer in Denver, Centennial, Applewood, and Aurora, CO, the experts to contact are at Twin Peaks Roofing at (720) 961-2851. Feel free to give Twin Peaks Roofing a call today to schedule a free roofing estimate in Aurora, CO!