Roof Leak? It's Time for Roof Repair

Roof Leak? It's Time for Roof RepairA roof leak can cause major structural damage to the frame of a home if it isn't dealt with quickly. Roof leaks can stem from a variety of problems, mainly related to harsh weather events such as heavy rains or high winds. Following any storm you should conduct roof inspection to be sure that your roof was not compromised. If you do suspect a roof leak contact a professional home remodeling and roofing company to perform roof repair or replacement. You can use this guide to find the location of a leak, but in order to have a repair properly completed be sure to reach out to an expert!

Look for a direct drip

If you suspect a leak check for a direct drip from the compromised spot in the roof. You may notice a physical drip or a stain on the ceiling where the water is collecting. This is usually easier with low angle or flat roofs, as a larger slant can allow water to run downward and drip in a spot different than the hole in the roof.

Check for damage in the attic

If your home has an attic grab a flashlight and head on up. You will want to check for black marks, mold and water stains. Each of these are common evidence of an apparent leak and it is probably close to where the damage is appearing.

Conduct a visual roof inspection

Head outside and conduct a complete roof inspection with your eyes. Look for missing shingles, exposed roofing tack or other signs of roof damage. If you're able to get on your roof and you notice a suspect spot, check to see if the shingles are in good condition or if they crumble to the touch.

Check areas of roof penetration

While you're on the roof look at the areas near roof penetrations, such as chimneys, vents or pipes. These areas more commonly sustain damage if they are hit by debris in wind storms. Unfortunately these areas are likely more expensive to repair.

If you suspect a roof leak following bad weather or for some other reason don't delay in getting the issue repaired. Water can cause major interior damage and hinder the structural integrity of your home. For professional roof leak repair in Aurora, CO, contact A+ rated Twin Peaks Roofing. We're experts at wind, hail and storm damage roof repair, ensuring leaks are properly sealed. To learn more or to request an estimate from a professional roofer in Aurora reach out to the team at Twin Peaks Roofing by calling (720) 961-2851 today.