7 Common Sources of Roof Leaks

7 Common Sources of Roof LeaksAt the very first sign of a roof leak, you'll want to be proactive about fixing it. Small leaks can soon worsen and lead to property damage that could've been prevented. It can sometimes be tricky to identify the source of a roof leak, but a reputable professional will be able to make a quick diagnosis and get right to work on remedying the problem. Here's a look at seven common causes of roof leaks.

Shingle Damage

During wind storms, roof shingles are very much vulnerable to damage. Also, over the course of time, standard wear and tear can lead to cracked shingles, which can then lead to water seeping inside the home.

Clogged Gutters

When leaves and other debris clog up gutters, then water can spill over onto your rooftop, where it is liable to build up and eventually seep inside. By keeping your gutters clean, you can help to ensure that this doesn't happen.


The skylight's metal stripping is an area that is prone to leaking.

Cracked Vent Pipes

Vent pipes are susceptible to cracking, which can create an opportunity for water to find its way inside.

Damaged Flashing

Corroded flashing can lead to the development of a leak.

Shallow Roof Slope

Some people prefer shallow roof slopes in part because they provide easier roof accessibility. But these roofs are not always the best at channeling away water.

Organic Debris

When leaves, branches, and twigs accumulate on a roof, they can create a sort of dam that prevents water from being properly sent away. As water pools up, it is more likely to find its way into the house.

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Posted: June 08, 2020