6 Helpful Roof Maintenance Tips

6 Helpful Roof Maintenance TipsYour home's roofing is a major investment and you want it to hold up strongly for as long as possible. By taking some basic preventative measures, you can potentially extend the life of your roofing. Here's a look at six tips for roof maintenance.

Keep Gutters Clean

If your gutters are filled with leaves and other debris, then they may not be able to properly send away water. In such a scenario, water could spill over onto the roof, which could increase the risk of a roof leak occurring.

Trim Nearby Trees

Tall trees are a beautiful property feature, but they can pose a hazard to your roof if they are dropping significant amounts of twigs and cones, which could trap water.

Visual Inspection

Twice yearly, it's a good idea to get up on the ladder and check your roofing for issues such as missing/damaged shingles, broken gutters, missing flashing, and piles of granules.

Seal Off Potential Nesting Sites

Your roof eaves could potentially provide ideal nesting sites for a variety of unwanted creatures. You'll want to look for openings and seal them off as necessary.

Check Skylights

If your home has skylights, it's important to periodically check their metal stripping, which is an area that is prone to leaking.

Remove Moss/Algae

Moss can harm your roof's structural integrity. It can be removed by simply scraping it away. A garden hose could also work. However, you'll want to be cautious about using the pressure washer, which could actually damage your shingles' grit. Commercial moss removal products are also an option.

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Posted: May 10, 2020