The Importance of Annual Roofing Maintenance

The Importance of Annual Roofing MaintenanceHomeowners take on unique responsibilities throughout the year that have to do with ensuring that their home continues to operate at maximum efficiency with minimum issues. Just like a car requires oil changes and other maintenance, a home needs the occasional service to prevent the possibility of problems. One area that deserves special attention at least once a year is the roof. All types of roofing need routine maintenance services will help to prevent roofing issues for your home.

What is Annual Roof Maintenance?

Hiring a professional roofer to conduct maintenance is critical to the overall health of your home's structure. During a maintenance service a roofer may complete a variety of tasks, which include minor repairs, cleaning the roofing material of natural growth and debris, gutter clearing and completing a thorough inspection of the entire roof and its underlying frame.

Identifies Problem Areas

A primary reason to have annual roofing maintenance completed is so that a roofer can complete an in depth inspection of your home's roof. This will allow the roofer to locate any problems, such as flaking or missing shingles, damaged roof penetrations, such as around the chimney, or existing leaks. By pinpointing these issues before they turn into a much larger problem, you can save thousands of dollars or more.

Keeps Gutters Flowing

It is important that your gutters are free of any debris that could cause water to pool. If your gutters are damaged or clogged they will overflow during heavy rain or melting snow. This will allow water to seep into the roof deck, which can cause water damage to the housing frame and is extremely expensive to repair. Additionally, clogged gutters create a haven for critters of all kind to breed. Worse yet, clogged gutters can allow water to run over the edge, down your home's siding and pool near the concrete foundation. That pool of water may not seem like a big issue, but standing water can damage the foundation of a home, resulting in cracks and sagging.

Prevents Leaks

Ultimately, the roof is a protector from Mother Nature. Regular roofing maintenance will help prevent the chances of holes and other damage from occurring that could result in the chance of a water leak.

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