What Does Hail Damage to Roofing Shingles Look Like?

What Does Hail Damage to Roofing Shingles Look Like?When hail storms strike, no home is safe. While it is the roof of your home that is protecting you and your family, it has to take a beating to do so. Roofing shingles are designed to take a pretty hard beating, but some of what Mother Nature can hurl is simply too tough. Following any hail storm it is smart to conduct a visual roof inspection to see if you can spot any damage. Should you encounter any of the following issues be sure to contact a local roofer to ensure that your home remains well protected.

Random Patterned Damage

One of the most common signs of hail damage to a shingle roof, be it asphalt, composite or wood shingle, is seemingly random dings, dents, scratches and other types of damage that appear in no particular pattern. It is always best to let a professional roofer take a look at visible damages to determine the best course of repair, if deemed necessary.

Colored Dents

If your home features an asphalt or composite shingle roof it is likely that the roof will suffer from dents that appear black in color following a nasty hail storm. A wood shingle roof may have dents that appear brown or orange. Either way, the shingles will likely need to be replaced to prevent water from pooling.

Exposed Roof Felt

If you can see the underlying roofing felt following a hail storm, a call to your trusted local roofer should be placed immediately.

Split Shingles

Obvious roofing damage, including split, cracking or raised shingles, need to be addressed as quickly as possible. These issues will lead to bigger issues, including interior roofing leaks that can cause massive water damage.


Speaking of leaks, if you spot water damage on the ceiling, which is often identifiable by black or brownish spots, it is highly likely that your roof is allowing water to seep into the home through the attic.

If hail damage to the roof is suspected it is crucial that you act quick. Without proper repairs the damage will get worse, eventually resulting in water leaks and other issues. For roofing hail damage repair in Aurora or the surrounding Colorado communities be sure to contact Twin Peaks Roofing. Our experts will quickly identify and repair any issues that are caused by hail and other poor weather. To request a free estimate from a skilled roofer in Aurora give us a call at (720) 961-2851 today.